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Swarovski Crystal
White pearl
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Swarovski Crystal
Pink Pearl

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 Swarovski Crystal
Blue & Black
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Red Crystal
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Mookite Jasper
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Pink Shell
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Tiger's Eye
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Pink Disc
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Irish Shamrock
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Gold Crystal
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Mookite Jasper
Mookite jasper, also known as moukaite.

  Mookite is a type of jasper, a very colorful stone with cream, yellow, butterscotch, pink, red, burgundy and chocolate (amongst others) - a fabulous range of shades.

Perfect for your small dog - Chihuahua, Yorkie, MinPin & more!

*Mookite Stones
Your dog's name up to 10 letters!
*Gold plated "Top Dog" Bone Charm
*Each necklace will vary in color as these are natural stones
*Letter beads are 6mm Black porcelain with gold lettering.

Item # DC 8044

$12.99 8-10"   $14.00 10-14"




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