The necklaces offered are not intended for use by small children. The Irish Ladybug is not responsible for any bodily harm or injury to any person or animal due to misuse of its products. This jewelry is not recommended for any animals (especially cats) who are not fully accustomed to having something around their necks, such as a collar. Never leave your pet unsupervised with the Doggy Necklace on.

These necklaces are not to be used around Pacemakers ( animal or human) due to the magnetic clasp

The Irish Ladybugis not respnsible for any breakage or damage due to improper use.

PLEASE READ : These Doggy Necklaces should be treated as you would treat your own jewelry. Although these Doggy Necklaces have been tested and do withstand the daily rigors of pet life, they may not withstand abusive, rough treatment. Never attach anything to a pet necklace such as a leash as it will pull apart..


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